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LORENNO is a trailblazer in sustainable leather goods, spearheading a conscious leather wear movement. Through innovative techniques and a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly materials, we craft essential products, inviting you to join us in creating a fashion-positive future that considers our impact on Earth.

For us, sustainability is more than a passing trend—it's our promise to future generations. With a vision to create the world's most sustainable leather jacket we have a full cycle approach to garment production, from sourcing, design and assembly to product versatility and durability.

With a belief that good craft never goes out of style, every Lorenno piece is crafted with longevity in mind. Classic, elegant, and quality-made, these leather goods are designed to be timeless wardrobe staples. We also intentionally produce small batch collections as a conscious and responsible approach to the product life cycle, only producing what we know we can sell.

We proudly stand as a member of the LWG, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering a more responsible and transparent leather supply chain. Through rigorous audits, they champion environmental stewardship and promote social governance practices that align with our values. Together, we're committed to ensuring that our leather comes from sources that prioritise sustainability and ethical standards.

With careful consideration, our team has sourced materials that meet our rigorous sustainability standards. In our current and upcoming collections, you’ll find chrome-free or vegetable-tanned leather options, both crafted with the environment in mind.

Our environmental sustainability doesn't stop with our leather goods. From recycled paper hang tags to eco-conscious packing boxes, we obsess over every detail. With LORENNO, you can embrace sustainable fashion that leaves a minimal footprint on the environment. It's our responsibility, and we're proud to share it with you.